Barnaby Davies, Tour Director


Together we’ll make your clients’ journey the trip of a lifetime

You work hard organizing the very best, exclusive tours for your clients, so they can:

  See a polar bear in the wild for the first time.
Inspect Asian temples by day and have sundowners in the warm tropical sunset.
Enjoy Moorish castles, Roman architecture, the English countryside.

I’m Barnaby Davies, Tour Director of Road Adventures.
I’ll work hard for you; informing, instructing and entertaining your clients.

Barnaby stepped to the microphone and won over the group in about 10 seconds flat…And underneath all the humor, he knows his stuff! ~Jamie Elsbury, Oregon



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ITMI Certified

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My pledge is to keep guests safe and informed. But not least to ensure that both the road and our adventures – or Road Adventures – is fun!

Please call  +44 (0) 7986 109 688 or email for my availability and any inquiries.

~Barnaby Davies, Road Adventures Ltd

Penguins and roads? Odd bedfellows, I agree. But the journey to any destination involves a road – even if only to the airport. And it’s a road laden with promise.